Oppo Mobile Iraq – Market Share Growth!

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Oppo Mobile Iraq


Case Study


1st January 2021 – Ongoing!


150,000 USD

Oppo is a Chinese mobile phone giant that specializes in high-tech full of features affordable mobile phones. Oppo has been growing in market share, and with HUAWEI’s down trend and user appetite for affordable high-tech phones, OPPO was faced with a golden opportunity to grow its market share.

Project Needs

Distinct Tone: An identity that separates it from competition. Youth driven, tech-savvy, and colorful!
Brand Ambassador: An individual who will push the brand into Iraqi household
Plenty of Videos: Show don’t tell. People need to see features in action before purchasing
Creative Design: Design spectacles that are shared across all Oppo platforms

Influencer Videos

Creative Visuals

HUAWEI - Phone Reveal
SAMSUNG - Phone Reveal
OPPO - Phone Reveal
HUAWEI - Accessory Reveal
OPPO - Accessory Reveal
OPPO - Phone Reveal
HUAWEI - Lifestyle Creative
SAMSUNG - Lifestyle Creative
OPPO - Lifestyle Creative